inCollage_20190105_110855175.jpgHello and welcome to Inspired Ink Studio. We are made up of artists and travel the US & Canada selling our artwork on metal. If you have any questions you can reach us through email at inspiredinkmail@gmail.com.

Like our work? Get to know OUR ARTISTS

We offer Printing Services for artists, photographers, businesses etc. We can print on Metal, Fabric and more. Please email us for wholesale options or any inquiries!

Quick Guide:

I am here for….

  • I saw art at a show and want to buy it!
    • Click the “shop” tab and take a look, you can also check out the “gallery” tab, but most of our images aren’t set up yet. All else fails, email us what you wanted to get! InspiredInkMail@Gmail.com
  • I wanted a commission!
    • Our slots are limited and our wait time is long, if you’re still interested please email us!
  • I would like to get things printed on metal!
    • Please fill out our contact form on the “Contact” page. If you’ve printed with us before, just reply to our emails with you.
  • I would  like to join the studio as an artist!
    • Wonderful! The best way to set up an interview is to message us on the facebook page “Inspired Ink Studio” or contact Aiden Willier or Amanda Willier on facebook.

5 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi, my name is Charlton Garr and I purchased Naruto Morty metal plate on Saturday of Wizard Con in Chicago. I was told it would be available the next day, but it was not and I was told to contact the artist through this website to get my item sent to me. I’ll leave my email below. Please contact me and I will give you my address information. Thank you!


  2. Hey i bought a Eevee metal at tekko an was told to pick it up the next day but you guys were really busy and forgot which is fine. But i gave my address and email 14 days ago and i just really wanted to know of if the print has been sent.


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